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Marion Bouvier

©M.Bouvier_NottWhat is your background?

My maternal grandparents were peasants and workers who started working in a mine and moved on to a factory. My paternal grandparents were urban bourgeois who enjoyed intellectual conversations. I belong in the middle, I guess, or maybe more exactly in both worlds.

I have a privileged background, which is something that feels very irrelevant to me except whenever I hear the stories of those who did not have it as easy as I did just because of their backgrounds.

I have a background that is the imprint of people I have loved and who have loved me, in any form it has taken.

Amongst the other random things that have influenced who I have become: living for 4 years in mainland China and Hong Kong, having numerous older siblings, studying literature and philosophy as a high-school student, observing animals, watching a lot of documentaries.

Fundamentally, my background is made of billion year-old atoms and it is nothing short of fascinating to me. I do not believe in any religion, I look down on superstitions, yet I have a very spiritual bound to nature and the universe, and I often refer to myself as an intense, passionate Scorpio.

What are the topics that you are especially interested in at the moment?

Equality between people is a topic that will never cease to draw me in, even when I feel that the unfairness of the whole system is way too deep for me to ever have a go at changing it. Are we fighting against windmills is the question I ask myself daily.

Will there ever truly be equality between genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, social origins? Equality of chances is something I think is really fundamental and every now and then I am still utterly revolted that equality is not the actual pillar of our modern societies.

What does equality mean? Not that we are all born the same, not that we are all the same, but that we all have the same rights and duties within society.

I am also interested in all political events that are relevant to humanity (which is pretty much every political topic, to be frank), from the psychology of politicians to the imbalances of power within polities and the search for more inclusive and transparent political regimes.

To top it off, I am very sensitive to everything that concerns environmental protection, as well as discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics.

Why do you think writing is important to you?

Quite simply, writing is like breathing to me. It saves me from going insane on a daily basis.

What is your favorite place on Earth?

It is gonna sound cliché but my answer would be: Home, which is wherever I am with my special person. Also the mountains, when it is all silent around but for the sounds of nature.

Do you have a recurring dream?

I dream about my fears, oftentimes, and about my secret wishes too.

Where did you meet Marie?

I met Marie during a class we were taking together in our second year in SciencesPo. She was sitting next to another classmate called Marie, and I remember that trying to talk to Marie was challenging because the other Marie would laugh hysterically every now and then.

We bonded over being extroverted misanthropes and went on photography trips.

Marion has received a Master’s Degree in International Security from SciencesPo Paris and has worked as a Research Assistant and Research Editor in Hong Kong before starting to walk the Freelance path.


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