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Infographic: The Female Tax

If the words “period” and “vagina” make you uncomfortable, or if you have ever hidden your tampons in a cute little pocket, in your bra or up your sleeve, you most likely grew up in a society where menstruation is a taboo. While this taboo is well-documented, you may not know that periods have a high economic cost for women in the developed world. Meanwhile, young girls and women in developing countries struggle with the social stigma and sanitary price of menstruation and lack of access to sanitary products. Learn everything you need to know with our second infographic.

The Female Tax Nott Magazine Infographic

The icons used in this infographic were taken from the excellent Noun Project and were made by the following talented people: Ruben Meines, Ashley Fiveash, Christian Jackson, Shimaru, Ben Markoch, Juliana Corrales, Mathieu Dedebant.


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