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Meet Nótt’s fantastic contributors!

Kristina P.

©Kristina P.

Kristina was born in Russia and has obtained a degree in Chinese Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Apart from English and her native Russian, she speaks Mandarin Chinese, French, and German. Her main interests are philosophy, psychoanalysis, religion and ritual, history of art, and world cinema.

Kristina thinks that her yearning to study different cultures and languages is deeply linked to her continuous attempt to understand what makes us human.

She is also keen on exploring the link between nature and humans, and is passionate about environmental protection. Her favorite animals may well be the moon bears, which she encountered for the first time during an internship at a Panda Base in China.

Read Kristina’s articles on Nótt: Women in Golden Age Chinese Cinema; Purification through Religious Rituals, Ai Weiwei: Navigating Art and Activism, Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Lida Filippakis

Lida was born in Greece, brought up bilingual (Greek and English), and has been working as a journalist for the past twelve years for Greek and foreign media.

She believes that the “gypsy” inside her is inherited from the mixture of places she comes from, notably Odessa, Chios Island and Northern Greece. She is a true sportaholic who also loves traveling, music, good food and the sea.

Lida graduated with an MA in Russian and Mass Media of the Eastern Block from Glasgow University.

Read Lida’s articles on Nótt: Drowned dreams on idyllic islands; The Rough Edges of a Modern Sultanate; Worldviews: Luis Manuel Daporta Rodriguez

Adeline Manson

Adeline lives in New York with her cat, Roosevelt. She is currently an undergraduate student at Eugene Lang The New School for Liberal Arts, where she studies Literary Studies and Media and Culture. Adeline is relatively reclusive.

Read Adeline’s article on Nótt: My Kind of Porn.

Anna Dovre

Anna is a native of the U.S. and has spent most of her life in and around the Midwest. She studies French, a bit of Norwegian, and is fascinated with midwifery. She is grateful for root vegetables (especially beetroots), powerful female role models, and libraries.

Read Anna’s article on Nótt: In The Hand of Tamora Pierce

Jade Le Van


Jade is an avid discoverer of new cultures, and an outdoors addict. She is interested in social issues and in harnessing the power of computers to make sense of big bulks of data.

During her studies at Sciences Po, she spent a year perfecting her Mandarin Chinese at Beijing University, and another six months studying business administration in Mexico. As a result, she reads and writes Chinese and Spanish, as well as English and French.

Jade has been working in Singapore for the past two years and is currently enjoying a six months sabbatical in Southeast Asia. On the road, she’s picked up some additional language skills in Bahasa Indonesia, and has found a perfect candidate for a sixth language in Python programming.

Read Jade’s articles on Nótt: The hyper-sociability of Indonesians; Leave your phone home when you go shopping!

Alice Bonnet

alice Bonnet

Alice graduated with a degree in history and international relations. Currently she works in a Paris-based think tank. She is passionate about politics, democracy, disruptive technologies, and social issues.

During her free time, she enjoys reading, eating, watching movies and quality TV shows, and tries to plan her future trips around the world. She always reads two books at a time and almost exclusively listens to US R&B/hip hop.

Read Alice’s article on Nótt: Women in Politics: Towards Gender Equity?

Stéphane Gillier

Stéphane is a writer, lawyer and journalist.

His most recent book, “65-84”, is a fictionalised recollection of his previous experiences as an analyst for the French Ministry of Defense and a humanitarian worker in Afghanistan in the 2000’s.

His non-fiction writing has appeared in newspapers such as Alternatives Economiques or Les Nouvelles de Kaboul. His first novel, “Nappe à moule”, was published in 2005.

Read Stéphane’s articles on Nótt: The End of the Swiss Haven?; A Trip to Ukraine during the 2012 Parliamentary Elections


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